Fun Games And Activities For Enjoyable Family Get Togethers

Family get togethers are lots of fun and besides getting to catch up on all the latest news the kids get a chance to play together that may be a rare occasion. There some things you can do to make these times a lot more fun such as games and other activities. Some of our best memories have come from these events.

There are a number of activities you can do depending upon what the family event is. If the event is a family reunion maybe you can have some competitive games playing things like Monopoly or chess. There are many board games that could be played where you could play as a team; the popular family feud is even available as a board game.

In our family, the reunions always focus on the children and yours is probably no different. For the smaller kids you can get out a bunch of coloring books which they will all enjoy sharing and coloring in. You can also let them put together puzzles that are appropriate for their age. For the older kids there are numerous activities from crossword puzzles to mazes. They can also help with making food and cookies in the kitchen!

There are infinite games available to choose from and if you are looking for board games in particular you can find tons at your local Wal-mart, craft stores, and many sites on the internet. You can find many ideas for games and other activities that will not cost and arm and a leg. Some the things that you will find are free. For example, you can use construction paper that you probably already have lying around along with some paper bags to make hand puppets for the younger kids. They can also make craft items to give to older relatives or even people who may be in a nursing home that would enjoy the gift of a child’s handiwork.

By teaching your children on how to enjoy playing these games and how to play with others you are teaching them valuable life lessons not only about creativity but also problem solving skills. It also makes them more oriented to family and community. It is far better to organize board games and other activities for family reunions and get togethers than to have the children gathering around the computer and playing games on the computer. It is the interactive human oriented games that will create memories and bring everyone closer together.

Make Copies of Video Games and Save the Original

I remember when I was little and I was first introduced to a computer. Later that year, Santa Clause brought me a CD with one hundred games. Simple games with bad graphics, but oh how much I loved them. From brick breaker to ace shooter, and from bowling to pool, that CD seemed to have it all. Until the day my CD-ROM would not open anymore. How terrified I was when I had to unscrew the CD-ROM and try to pull it out manually. Unfortunately I succeeded in breaking it into two pieces.

I was young then but I still remember how much that episode hurt. The computer lost meaning for me without those games. What was the point of turning on the computer when I couldn’t play Pac Man or shoot down space invaders? I did not remember the name of the CD and since I still don’t have close relations with Santa Clause, the chances of ever tracking it down are very dim.

The morale of the story is that this personal nightmare maybe could not have been avoided. The CD-ROM got stuck and maybe that was meant to happen. Maybe there was no way the CD would have come out ‘alive’. But one thing could have changed the whole aftermath, another CD. A copy of the original, so that even though the first one broke, I still had the back up. Since then I grew up and also got smarter. I make copies of all my favorite games and I play them, while keeping the original safe, just in case something goes wrong.

Tetris Game And How To Play The Game

Do you know where Tetris game originates from? If you are a fan of puzzle games, Tetris would definitely be in your favorite puzzle games list.

Tetris has invaded the world by storm as it has become very popular since its inception in 1984. In fact, this game is practically in every video game console and computer operating system. Moreover, this game is even available in hand held devices such as calculators and mobile phones. With this great popularity, one can wonder how this game became so popular.
Tetris was originally designed by a Russian programmer named Alexey Pajitnov in 1984. Although this game originated in the Soviet Union, the name Tetris is actually derived from the Greek numerical prefix tetra, and tennis, which is the favorite sport of Pajitnov.

The game uses tetrominoes, which is the four element special case of polyominoes. Polyominoes have been used since 1907 in popular puzzles. However, the use of tetrominoes has become more popular through the game Tetris. While there are many platforms that supported Tetris, the most popular and the most successful is the handheld version for the Game Boy. In fact, in 1989 when the game was launched for Game Boy, it was considered as one of the most popular game ever.

Playing Tetris is not only fun, but mind gripping as well. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the game is very popular not only to kid, but even to adults as well. The game starts when a random sequence of tetrominoes falls down the playing field. The objective of the game is to create a horizontal line without gaps by manipulating the falling tetrominoes. When a line is formed, the line disappears and all the other blocks formed on top of it will fall. This may seem very easy, but it is in fact, very tricky and requires skills and quickness of the mind. Manipulating rectangular vertical shafts into horizontal lines may not be that easy after all, most especially if time is an important factor in the game. This is so because as the game progresses, the tetrominoes fall faster and the game ends when the stack of tetrominoes reaches the top of the playing field. Thus, the player should see to it that he can manipulate the tetrominoes faster than it is falling down the playing field.

Today, there a number of variations of the original game. These variations do not only add to the excitement of the game, but pose challenging twists to the game too. Since its release in the 1980′s, Tetris has undergone many changes. Some of the popular variations of the game include Tetris DX, New Tetris, and Tetris Worlds. The major modification of these different variations of the Tetris game is the point system. This modification has not however affected the popularity of the game which is why Tetris is considered as one of the most popular games ever created.