How to Fix Blue Screen of Death, Windows Errors, and Computer Crashes?

Are you experiencing problems with your computer recently – too many windows error messages, complete system crashes, or the infamous blue screen of death? If you are considering paying a technician to fix it for you, do not waste your money yet because you are going to know how to fix blue screen of death and everything else.

Leave the hardware alone – the problems are mostly originated from the operation system you are using. Most of the time when you are experiencing problems, you would just restart your computer and you’d be good to carry on your work (play) again. However, that is not enough as your system will go worse and it can lead to a total system crash.

So what causes the problems? The problems lie in the registry of your operating system. Your activities such as installing, removing, running, saving, deleting programs or files create a bad files/ unused files in your registry system. The accumulation of the files slows down your computer. There are some entries in your registry that point to the old files that have been deleted. When those files or entries are run, it would use up a lot of memory space. Let’s put it simpler, your registry is dirty.

To fix it you must maintain your computer each week, thrice a week if you wish to. Windows give you tools such as disk defragmenting tool and disk clean up. You can clean the unwanted and redundant files manually in the temp and temporary internet files folder in your windows directory. Do those tasks once a week. However, that is not enough, windows do not give you a tool to clean your registry.

If you bring your computer to the technician, what would they do to fix your computer?

They will install the registry cleaner to fix your computer and charge you $30-$50 per service or even more. If your computer system is already worse, they format it and reinstall the system. Of course the format and reinstallation process is tougher. Do you realize that you can save yourself that money, you can maintain the speed of your computer so you can do your task quicker and even better; you can avoid all those headaches and have a clean and fast system?

What you need is a registry cleaner. How important is a registry cleaner and how does it work? Windows system is more complex today plus we are using more and more programs. You could run more than 10 programs when your computer is turned on without you realizing it as the programs are running in the background. You surf the internet, you play game, and more. Each day there are more and more redundant files/entries created in your registry. This is when the registry cleaner comes in to save the day, you run it and leave it. After it is finish, you click to clean the registry, and you are done.

Today’s registry cleaner is even smarter; it allows you to schedule the task so that it can run automatically. In fact, if you choose the right one you can as well optimize your computer speed, rearranging your data in the disk (works like windows defragmenting tool), clean unused files, and more importantly, to save your time and energy worrying about errors, sudden restart before you save your task, and more. The cause of the infamous blue screen of death is none other than the overcrowding redundant entries in your registry.

If you are looking for the answer to how to fix blue screen of death, windows errors, and computer crashes? The answer is a well designed registry cleaner. If you have fixed it, what you would want to do is to prevent them from happening by scheduling your registry program to run and fix your system automatically.