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Video Games and Your Kids – A Book Review

Like many parents, I am concerned about my kids spending too much time in front of a screen, whether that be television, computer, or video games. One reason for this is because I have seen how screen time interferes with other more important activities like reading, spending time with family, helping around the house, etc. It seems that boys in particular have a hard time accepting limits around gaming. Since I have two sons, I did not want any part of the constant fighting over the video game system between themselves and refusing to accept boundaries and limits that I see in other families. I’ve also observed kids missing sleep and even social interaction with peers because of spending too much in an artificial world, with detrimental effects.

Video Games and Your Kids gathers research, science and data about why parents should be concerned about video games. Rather than being the greatest invention since the baby wipe, video games are not always just harmless fun.

For one, video games are highly addictive. In fact they are designed to be so – marketers call it the “sticky factor”. The longer the child plays, the better in their estimation.

Secondly, video games have negative effects on the body and the brain – not only do video games contribute to a sedentary lifestyle but they also retrain the brain and the way it thinks. This has deleterious effects on how a child learns and their ability to learn outside the game. Parents sometimes believe that video and computer games are “educational” but the evidence does not support that assessment. Video games can also lead to a reduced attention span and reduced ability to deal appropriately in social situations. Video games can also lead to eye and vision problems, headaches, sleeping difficulties, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Kids who spend a lot of time gaming even develop poor posture.

Interestingly, the authors aren’t totally opposed to video games but remind parents that they must be very careful about their use. This book is helpful to a parent as it gives us research to back up those gut feelings we have. Allowing a child to have unrestricted access to video games is a bad thing. It also gives you some pointers from these experts on how to spot video game addiction and how to get help for your child – and even yourself or a spouse if you are the ones with a problem.

Copy PC Games and Make Sure You Never Lose Another Game

After investing so much money for the chance to own the hottest, new-release computer games (one such is “Age of Empires”, manufactured by Microsoft), who would want to entertain the thought of those games than being destroyed at the careless hands of tiny children, or even being stolen by the very people we entertain in our homes at social gatherings?

However uncomfortable these thoughts are, one must put the loss of such invaluable assets like PC games into the perspective of the harsh economic times we are now faced with. No one can afford to invest in an expensive game like this, only to have to consider replacing it soon after.

With computers and Internet now available in virtually all corners of the world, there has never been an easier time to access the relevant technology to copy PC games. All laptops and computers are now manufactured with copying capabilities, so any person is able to copy PC games hassle-free and without even having to leave the home or office.

In order to copy these discs, one has to find special software that can decode the encryption that is embedded in most CD/DVD-ROM games. The embedded encryption is intended to protect the games from illegal duplication. The back-up software can be sourced online from the comfort of home, or office. Many websites offer great discounts and free trial periods to persons scouting around for good bargains.

If a person is willing to pay a reasonable price to access the back-up software, and also has no time to search for bargains, the Easy Back-up Wizard is a great find and can be had for a 1-time payment of about $30.00US.

The Easy Back-up Wizard is compatible with many CD/DVD-ROM based games. The speed at which the software will download is about 45 minutes, or less.

Once the software has been sourced and loaded on to the computer, the following actions are needed to complete the back-up process:

1. Insert the PC game and allow it time to be processed by the installed copy software.
2. Remove the game and insert all the blank discs you would like the PC game to be stored on. Follow closely the manufacturer’s instructions.
3. The process is deemed complete once the copy discs play back the game without any problems.

Creating copies of PC game original discs will enable owners of these games to have ease of mind. Now the originals can be carefully stored away eliminating the risk of theft and damage. The game would still be accessible from the copy disc, which costs much less if destroyed, but would still deliver the same quality effects of the original game.

What You Want From Flight Simulator Computer Games (and What You Get)

Are you looking for flight simulator computer games? If so, you need to decide what you want out of the flight simulator game first. Do you want to experience realistically the challenge and adventure of flying?

Or do you want to learn to fly using a tool similar to those used by learner pilots for training and experienced pilots for practice or for checking routes and airports? Do you want to do combat? Are you looking for something to play with your children?

There is so much demand for flight simulator computer games now you can easily find something excellent for less than three figures. Many younger players have been inspired by these games; some to become pilots, some to a career in aircraft design because of the capability some open source games have for redesigning aircraft.

Flight simulator games are used for professional and educational purposes as well as entertainment. They are safe and easy to handle. Whatever your purpose, there is a game out there.

Good flight simulator computer games include many different types of aircraft. You can choose from planes to gliders to helicopters. The range will also go from vintage – e.g. the original Wright Flyer – to modern commercial and military jets of all nationalities. You will also get all the information you ever wanted on any of the aircraft.

There will be various flights and missions to try out but you should also be able to create your own scenarios, which gives you an almost unlimited variation of experiences you will be able to simulate. And, of course, you will learn how different aircraft handle. Light aircraft like Cessnas will be much more immediately responsive than the larger craft like 747s, which have lags in response you need to get accustomed to.

Flight simulator computer games give you a virtual experience of everything which a pilot comes across during a real flight. You will be able to choose any significantly sized airport in the world, including your own local one.

Approach lighting and markings on the runways will be correct and airport lighting will change in intensity as your position changes relative to it. If a runway changes elevation in real life it will do so in the game as well. In some airports, for instance, you need to deal with a slope while waiting for take-off.

You can make flying conditions as realistic or as dangerous as you wish in good flight simulator computer games. A good game can calculate your nearest airport and calculate the current weather conditions using parameters like temperature, dew point, pressure density, wind (three dimensional), and visibility. And you will see the weather change with your position whether you are over the North Pole or the Equator.

If you want to test yourself you can also program in weather conditions for your flight such as hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, high winds, torrential rains, etc. and see how you do. You can also program in technical problems and failures, see the instruments and systems failing as they would in a real-world situation, and experience the slowly growing stress and anxiety that pilots do in emergency scenarios.

There are all kinds of software out there. You just need to decide what works best for you.