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How To Use Free PSP Downloads To Find The Newest Games And Movies For Your PSP

The PSP has quickly become the most popular portable game system ever to reach the gaming industry. It isfull of features and is sure to keep anyone entertained. A popular feature is the possibility to download games and movies for your PSP that you can instantly use on your PSP.

One question we frequently get is “How do I download PSP games?”

For this reason, we decided it would useful to go over the different choices that are available to download PSP games.

The First Option – Free PSP Game Downloads

Your first option is hunt for websites that claim to have PSP downloads for free.

Naturally, these websites sound awesome at the start, but there are a few pointers you need to know before you start downloading anything from these websites.

These types of websites are famous for spreading viruses and spyware. Because they are not monitored or regulated, you can never really know what you are really downloading. Many of these websites have been shut down because many people were having their computers infected.

Another complaint we often hear is that these websites are known to have very slow downloads and many games or movies do not even work. It’s incredibly annoying waiting for so long for a game to finish downloading only to find out that it isn’t going to work.

Typically, we advise avoiding any website like this. You could end up damaging your PC and you can end up wasting a lot of time.

Option #2 – Free PSP Game Downloads

Our next option is easier way of finding downloads for your PSP.

You can find websites that have unlimited PSP downloads when you sign-up as a member. They will charge a monthly membership fee that allows you to download games and movies anytime you feel like it.

The monthly fee is about $25 – $40 and lets you download games or movies whenever you want. All you do is login and take a look at the games that you can download.

These websites don’t have the problems that the sites from the first option do. It can be well worth it for people that wants to be able to download new games and movies for their PSP.

Although this is a pretty good option, there are cheaper ways to find downloads for your PSP.

The Third Option – Free PSP Game Downloads

The final option is our favorite out of the three. It allows you to download as many PSP games as you want without being asked to pay a monthly charge.

You can find PSP download websites that let you download as many games or movies and will only charge you a “one-time” fee. Obvious this is much cheaper than option number two and still gives you access to unlimited PSP game downloads.

The membership fee is about $35-$45 and this gives you a membership for as long as you have your PSP. The software you need to transfer the games and movies onto your PSP comes along with your membership at no additional cost.

There’s a link you can use at the bottom of this article for a free trial membership to a few of the top-ranked PSP game download sites.

Because the companies that run these websites are doing it to make a profit, they make sure to keep their subscribers happy. They make sure that download speeds are fast, the selection includes all the new releases and that all of the games you download work.

Once you begin downloading PSP games and movies it really opens up a brand new world for your system. It’s a great way to keep your system stocked with all the newest and most popular games! Good luck!

Top 5 Video And Computer Game Jobs

So you love gaming. You have played just about every console game you can think of, you have gone through a wide variety of computer games and beaten them all, you eat, sleep, and live gaming. With your personal live revolving around gaming, you long to find a career that will allow you to use your love and knowledge of gaming to make a living. Well, there are hundreds of different jobs out there in the video and computer gaming industry, and you can land one – if you have the right skills. Here are the top five video and computer gaming jobs and a bit about each one:

1. Game designers – these are the people that actually design the game. This is a very detail-oriented position, and this person is responsible for the overall concept of a new game from the beginning story line to the end story of the game. Designers need special training to do their job, such as computer programming and software design.

2. Artists – these are the people that responsible for everything that the player sees in the game, such as characters, backgrounds, items, and animals. Artists are the ones that give light to the designer’s ideas and concepts. They need special training in computer animated design, 3D design, and other software programming that relates to video and computer gaming.

3. Sound designers – these are the people who give voices and music to your favorite video and computer games. They design all of the sounds that a gamer hears. Sound designers need special training in audio engineering as well as basic computer hardware and software skills. It is also helpful to have experience with designing different musical works.

4. Programmers – these are the people who actually plan out and write the video game software. They integrate the artwork, story, and sounds all into one program so that it comes out into a visual and audio experience that gamers will enjoy. Programmers need skills and training in program languages, like C ++, and should have good computer skills and plenty of computer experience and training.

5. Game Testers – these are the people that play games for a living. While their jobs sound like a dream come true for gamers, they do not make as much money as other gaming jobs, like programmers. Testers will push new games to the limits and log any bugs or glitches that they come across. Game testers will need special training in computers, such as languages or basic computer hardware and software skills, as well as good communication skills.

FitDesk Compact Pedal Desk: Combining Workouts and Computing at the Same Time

Are you a computer maniac? Are you really tied down to your online job or computer gaming such that you are barely able to get out of your seat and do some physical activities? The problem with people who spend most of their time in front of a computer is that they tend to leave little or no time to do exercise. As a result, you may become overweight and unfit, especially if your computing activity is accompanied by bad eating habits such as snacking. Well, some may feel that there is no greater fun than playing an online game and chomping down potato chips?

If you can relate to this situation, you are probably one of these kinds of people. Deep down inside, you really want to exercise but it is very hard to become motivated enough to start exercising. To kill two birds with one stone, to provide workouts for computer maniacs, FitDesk has developed a special training machine: the Compact Pedal Desk.

In a glance, the FitDesk Compact Pedal Desk looks somewhat like a stationary bike. However, you may notice that this device is also equipped with a countertop surface where you can put your laptop. The idea behind this FitDesk is that you will be able to use it as a stationary bike while you surf on the Internet, play addicting online games or perform absorbing job-related tasks on your laptop.

The FitDesk machine is very quiet, so that you will not have to worry that it will ruin your concentration. Surfing on the Internet or playing a game can distract you enough that you actually end up exercising longer than if your mind were not occupied with something interesting.

Before using the bike, you will need to assemble it. On average, it takes around 30 to 45 minutes to assemble the parts. The FitDesk seat is adjustable so you can choose a preferred height for your comfort while computing and exercising.

The FitDesk is not exclusively used only for laptops. For you who want to have real fun while working out at the same time, that this bike can also be used with a small TV or even Xbox. You can use this bike in your home or at your office. Another significant advantage is that FitDesk is so compact that you can use it in a small room without great difficulty. With its very simple design, FitDesk is also highly portable and affordable. This compact pedal desk is only sold online. It is usually priced at $289.99, but if you get lucky, you can find special discounts and only pay around $230 for the same machine.