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Featured TV Shows and Computer Games

The iPhone has changed the way people interact with various media. What was once exclusive to the TV and computer is now available in the form of an application on a phone. Take for example popular TV shows and computer games. While a restricted version of a few of them is available for free, some of them are paid applications. Such is the popularity of these applications.

Among games, Call of Duty – World at War – Zombies is an extremely popular one. For those who have played the computer version, getting the hang of this one will be easy. There are various levels in the game and each one has to be downloaded. Once you have the entire game, it will require the installation of a map. The great part about this game is that it can have multi-player settings and can be hooked up via WiFi as well as Bluetooth. However, your mobile internet connection could play spoilsport here.

There are several strategy games that are played on a console. In keeping with that sentiment and popularity is the game The Settlers. This music and sound effects game gives you plenty of instructions to clear the first few rounds. You then have to go on building cities and fortifying them. For newcomers to real time strategy games, this can take some getting used to.

Popular TV shows and updates too have made their way to the iPhone. If Major League Baseball is your thing, then At Bat is something you should have. With an easily readable interface, you have access to the scoreboard on game day. You have live streaming audio as well as video highlights being made available. It can be browsed through team wise. You can even set up your own favorites list. Close on its heels is the NBA League Pass Mobile. You can carry the game live with you where you go. The added advantages are live statistic updates as well as the capacity to view a game up to 2 days after it.

The Simpsons Arcade covers a popular TV show with a game. The small games are priceless and can give you hours of fun. The blockbuster Avatar too has been recreated in the form of a game. You get to set the difficulty rating. Training is provided along with items you will need. The game is carries a good replication of the world of the people of Eywa.

The applications are plenty and are constantly being added.

The U-Create Games And Artimation System Review

The Radica U-Create Games and Artimation System from Mattel is a great new device that allows children to express themselves creatively in new and interesting ways. Using the drawing tablet and the markers provided, children can make cool color drawings, and the attached camera can take a picture of the results and load them into the computer. The camera can also take pictures of other objects that a child places before it, so a large collection of fun images can be quickly built up.

The real power of the Games and Artimation system, however, comes with the software that’s provided with the device. This is the application that turns those pictures and drawings that the child has created and turns them into great and creative artistic masterpieces. Children can easily put all their creations together and animate them in fun and innovative ways. They can tell a story, or just make silly little animations that they can spend a lot of time giggling over.

But there’s even more, because the system is also about making games, as well as the “artimations”. Children are given the capability to take their images and the artimations that they’ve made and include them in fun little games that they can play with their friends, such as their own personally designed Pinball game. Who would have thought that it would be so easy for young children to create their own computer games? Who knows? That creative little genius in your house may be the next Bill Gates!

The Radica U-Create Games and Artimation System hooks up seamlessly to Macs or PC’s running Windows via a USB cable. The camera can be tilted up and down, and the base can easily be repositioned to allow the camera to face in any direction. The possibilities for creative play are endless.

Using the included image editing software, children can easily do things like take their picture and place it on another body, such as the body of an animal like their favorite pet. There’s a whole library of cool and wacky sounds included on the CD, and children can use these sounds to include them in their creation, or provide their own that they’ve recorded or downloaded. This wacky compilation can then be included in a wonderful little “artimation” or be placed into a game. They can take pictures of their favorite toys and write stories about them including awesome little animations that will entertain everybody. This device is really more of an imagination generator than anything else, and it will encourage children to be more creative and have great fun playing and creating.

What child wouldn’t absolutely love to be able to create really great animations, or “artimations”, as well as make their very own personally created computer games that they can play and share with all their friends? This nifty little toy will be a big hit as a gift to any creative young child, and parents are sure to love it for its ability to spark their children’s’ creativity and keep their minds engaged in productive tasks. It’s a really great buy, and at under $20, it’s a really reasonable price as well.

Save Your Xbox 360 Games and Your Money

Some people think us gamers are mad or crazy spending thousands of dollars yearly on games, however to us it’s the best money we have ever spent. With video games becoming more and more like Hollywood blockbuster movies there’s never been a better time to be a video gamer. So naturally spending $50 to $60 on a video game is an easy decision to make, however if we damage one of these games by dropping them or scratching them then paying a further $50 or $60 to replace them isn’t an option.

There hasn’t really been an alternative either, granted there was a short spell in the early Xbox 360 console days of people adding modulation chips to their consoles a couple of years back to play copied games, however most of them soon found out how costly the process was and how dangerous it was to their system.

There is no another safer alternative and thankfully it’s a lot easier than adding a computer chip to a console. The alternative is to purchase game copying software. Today’s game backup software is so advanced that it can trick your console into thinking that its playing an original game when in fact your really playing a copied Xbox 360 game.

I would highly recommend backing up your video games to save you from losing money and your games in the very near future. After all one purchase of this software will save you from losing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the future; this software basically will pay for its self.