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Entertainment! Movies – Music – Games and A Lot More

Entertainment has been one of the basic necessities of a human being. We try and entertain ourselves through different methods technology has provided us with. We use a variety of gadgets which provide us with entertainment. With advanced electronics we have been provided with alternatives for entertainment that were never ever there.

We have now innumerable ways to enjoy and relish entertainment. You want some divine instrumentals to create mood in your home, you want to spend a romantic evening with your beloved, any of the occasions you can just switch on the music system which you bought for your home and start the music and it will fill your room with smooth sounds of music.

Want to hear something peppy on the drive? Start the car deck or the iPod you have in your possession and let the music flow. If someone in your home does not want to hear music it should not be a problem, you can put on earphones and enjoy music alone without disturbing anyone.

Gadgets like iPods, MP3 players, etc. have added thrill in listening to music. These personal gadgets store large amount of music data and can be carried to any place with ease. These do not require to be charged often therefore are perfect companions when you are alone on the move.

Revolution has not just taken place about listening music, the audio visual world too, has taken a giant leap. Earlier it was a nuance when computers could play movies but not anymore, watching movies on computer is a old story, the latest is video iPod, it is something which allows you to watch movies on the move, store a movie which you wanted to see and see it when you find time, this handy iPod gives clear images and clearer pictures. Storing of movies in a digital form was never as easy, since iPod can connect to the computer and you can transfer any movie you want from computer to iPod with equal ease. Long lasting batteries have made it possible to watch a movie without getting disturbed or without requiring batteries to be charged often.

There is another type of entertainment which is really hot today is gaming. It is entertainment full of thrill. Beware; this type of entertainment might result into addiction. There is large variety of games available for your entertainment. You will be able to enjoy thrill, horror and adventure through these games. These games are PSP games, so you can enjoy these on your PSP gadgets as well as on computer. There are also another type of computer games like chess, word games, mystery games, etc. Lot of younger generation today is addicted to gaming. Excellent graphic features and innovative styling has found a lot of gaming fans in thrill loving younger generation.

Hulk Games and Rescuing Games

Most of the arcade phase computer games that can be found on the Internet,and can be played online for free or after you pay different amounts, are inspired from movies or cartoons characters. After they become very popular like that, the people involved in computer games industry, create different types of games, in which these characters must accomplish tasks, similar to the ones they had to do in the original movie. Most of these characters are the good heroes of the movies, who must save the world from different difficult situation.

This thing is also available for the Hulk games. Who didn’t hear about this green hero. There is a multitude of games with Hulk as main character. The incredible graphic of these games will keep your interest alive, but beside that the tasks he must accomplish will make you spend hours in front of the computer. These games are mostly created for boys. They are the ones who dream to save the world from the enemy. Adults as well may be captured by these games, and play along with their children. Any way it is a good idea to supervise your young child while he is playing so you will choose games less violent. You can go for Hulk games like Hulk Throw Tank, Pic Tart Hulk, Wolverine Vs Hulk, Photo Mess-Hulk, Puzzle Madness-Hulk, Hulk Bad Altitude Game and many others as well.

Other types of games, mostly created for boys, are the rescue games. They can be very challenging as well. There are many games on the Internet with this theme from which you can choose. You can find rescue games created for all ages possible. They are a very good option for small children as well, because like that they will be able to develop important skills like attention, patience, and others. Their graphics are made so they will be attractive for small children but also for teenagers and adults in the same time. You can go for games like Mr Piggy, Operation Thunder, Super K9, Rescue mission, Las Shot, Shark attack and many others that will keep your attention alive.

Can I Set Limits On Tv And Computer Time For My Kids?

Yes you can.

Creating a safe and healthy structure for kids to grow up in is one of your most important roles as a parent.

Creating boundaries, setting limits is a normal part of that.
You won’t let a three year old wander on the train tracks or use a chainsaw. It sounds absurd, but it is really what you do all the time. You create a safe and healthy place for them to grow up in.
TV and computer time is part of that.

Many parents have trouble with setting boundaries when kids grow up, become more vocal, offer more “but they can more” examples.
Parents are tired of constant arguing, and often don’t know what is good for their kids anymore.
Setting boundaries your kids need to work with is just fine.
You will hear me say this many times: you will fight at the boundaries you set.
They will challenge you, it is what they do, to experiment, to learn.
You can set the boundary right at where you will be triggered to explode, where they wouldn’t be safe or healthy when they cross it.
They will challenge you and it will trigger things you don’t want.
You can also set boundaries a long way before that. Where crossing the boundary doesn’t mean you’ll be angry, or they could get hurt or risk their health.
They will challenge you there just as much!

A child will challenge you at the store for candy, at home for pocket money, for tv time, for computer time. And much more.
A teen will challenge clothing restrictions, curfews, (cell) phone use, alcohol, drugs and yes tv and computer time. And much more.

As this article is about TV and computer time: why and how can you set boundaries?
Because your kids need to see more than a square box, sitting still and without burning the calories they need to. TV and computer time are also filled with programs, games that are aimed at their wallet, more than their education. They are addictive and reduce the ability to concentrate, focus, as it is all a blast of images, messages.
So setting a limit on that is absolutely ok.

Yes, they are in peer groups that watch, play.
So, they will challenge the boundaries you set.
There are always those “but they can more” kids out there, imaginary or not.
It is where your values, your ideas about what is good, right, wrong, healthy, or not, come in.
And they need you to give them those guidelines.
It is how they figure life out, through you, their parents.
And playing with crossing those boundaries, staying within, feeling out what they think fits them.

How you can set boundaries, limits and have fun.

1. Set boundaries pro-actively, explaining why and sticking to the rules consistently, with only exceptional exceptions. When kids know the rules beforehand and why, it is easier to accept them. And they become part of the routine instead of daily battle grounds where everything is up for grabs. Which is exhausting for you and for them. Let them explain why they do want to, listen well. They need to be heard. That is often enough. You don’t have to agree with them. Being listened to is huge for kids and teens, whether they show that or not.

2. Combine setting a boundary with proposing an activity with you (works more often for younger kids)
They will enjoy that activity often more than the extra time on the computer or in front of the TV. Let them tape programs “for tomorrow” if it is so important. They will often forget about those.
Think about what works for them and what you would enjoy too.

3. If they want to play games, watch TV of which you are “not so sure”, you can sit with them and discuss what they like about it. If you don’t agree with the game or program content, simply explain that without getting angry or defensive. Why you think or feel it is not good for them. And why you set the boundary. Offer to help them find, get access to other programs, games that you are OK with.
Explain that peers often boast, and learn behaviors from those programs and games that are not OK for you and for them. “It is not who we are as a family, how we see being with others.”

Kids don’t need TVs or computers in their rooms.
Internet safety is hugely improved when you have the computer in a common room, where you can casually look at what they are doing. The same with TV. It improves your awareness of what is on and going on.
And makes it easier to live up to the rule, the boundary you have set.
And when they challenge you?
“It is not about me trusting you or not. It is about what people try to do that I sadly don’t trust. And it is my job to protect you from them.”

And yes, setting limits, creating a safe environment with boundaries like that is more than fine, it is excellent.