Featured TV Shows and Computer Games

The iPhone has changed the way people interact with various media. What was once exclusive to the TV and computer is now available in the form of an application on a phone. Take for example popular TV shows and computer games. While a restricted version of a few of them is available for free, some of them are paid applications. Such is the popularity of these applications.

Among games, Call of Duty – World at War – Zombies is an extremely popular one. For those who have played the computer version, getting the hang of this one will be easy. There are various levels in the game and each one has to be downloaded. Once you have the entire game, it will require the installation of a map. The great part about this game is that it can have multi-player settings and can be hooked up via WiFi as well as Bluetooth. However, your mobile internet connection could play spoilsport here.

There are several strategy games that are played on a console. In keeping with that sentiment and popularity is the game The Settlers. This music and sound effects game gives you plenty of instructions to clear the first few rounds. You then have to go on building cities and fortifying them. For newcomers to real time strategy games, this can take some getting used to.

Popular TV shows and updates too have made their way to the iPhone. If Major League Baseball is your thing, then MLB.com At Bat is something you should have. With an easily readable interface, you have access to the scoreboard on game day. You have live streaming audio as well as video highlights being made available. It can be browsed through team wise. You can even set up your own favorites list. Close on its heels is the NBA League Pass Mobile. You can carry the game live with you where you go. The added advantages are live statistic updates as well as the capacity to view a game up to 2 days after it.

The Simpsons Arcade covers a popular TV show with a game. The small games are priceless and can give you hours of fun. The blockbuster Avatar too has been recreated in the form of a game. You get to set the difficulty rating. Training is provided along with items you will need. The game is carries a good replication of the world of the people of Eywa.

The applications are plenty and are constantly being added.

The Use Of Computers And Computer-Related Violence

If the advent of computers has brought the human race an immense improvement in their lives, it is also believed that it has caused issues with regards to safety and privacy. Computer-related violence and threats such as suicides among the youth, kidnapping, sex crimes and among others have escalated at an unprecedented rate.

Since a large percentage of adults of today did not grow up with the technology which the young population are enjoying right now and were not immersed into its use for fun and entertainment, keeping and maintaining their safety is a colossal task. Besides, the mental aptitude of kids this generation allows them to navigate the computers with great dexterity that adults seem to lack. Thus, it is difficult at times without the spying eye of adults nearby, to monitor the websites that children visit.

However, there are basic tactics or approach so that children’s activities on the internet are monitored. Reminding them regularly on its responsible use by spontaneously getting them into a conversation without letting them feel being spied, about the games and other activities that keep them glued on the computer screen is a simple task that will transpire into a responsible use of computers, mobile phones and the internet. To be able to deal realistically with the threats that technology harbor, it is essential that adults need not be caught up in the hype surrounding the mess that the internet brings by being focused and within the realms of reality.

First and foremost, adult strangers with malicious intents do not share or visit a common websites where the children are frequently into. Strangers too, are not equipped with technologic ability to locate children’s online addresses. Thus, it is impossible that such criminals will be able to track down children through their online address to real life address unless vital information is given voluntarily. Furthermore, an online discussion with a total stranger is like talking to a total stranger that we meet every day in the grocery supermarket such as salespersons, shoppers and even police officers doing their routine checks. It is only a matter of letting children know that there are certain boundaries to maintain with regards to how we interact according to social norms which later in life they will independently understand and learn how to negotiate it themselves. Thus it is important to let them know appropriate limits and not go beyond it.

Second, handheld gaming devices and mobile phones, although they can be equipped with internet-ready features, can be restricted only to the basic calls and texts features where call barring or call restrictions apply. Moreover, a parent can have his children’s phone line restrict incoming and outgoing calls and limit it only to pre-programmed contact numbers. Social networking on the other hand is one corner where they can express themselves among their groups and where parents too can get involved to be able to monitor the activities that their children have been doing outside and inside the school and on the personal side of their life.

We are besieged with internet-related crimes because of the unscrupulous use of the services that technologies provide. However, technologies are not bad at all because they only become bad with the way we utilized such product of man’s ingenuities. Indeed, the key to its safe use is through the responsible establishment of limits and guidance by mature and responsible adults.

Play Bubble Games and Discover New Challenges

Our story begins with my last visit on Halloween at my parents house. My family was sitting at the table, except my father, that was gone, I asked my mother where is he and she gave me a weird look, I headed to the room and there he was, staring at the computer, a 58 year old man glued to the screen. He didn’t say hello or responded to my presence, I came closer to the screen and then I saw it- Bubbles, lots of colored bubbles, my father became another line in the statistics- Bubble games fanatic.

How did this all begin? Surprisingly, bubble shooter was originally developed for Microsoft Company as a clone of the classic Puzzle Bobble title, the 90′s arcade game, little they knew that their creation will become one of the most played games ever on the web.

The game target is removing all bubbles from the screen by shooting them with a bubble of the same color.

When you create a group of three or more from the same color, they fade away, as you complete the stage you will encounter the bubble fireworks effect.

As time went by,many users joined the bubble shooter games,playing and getting hooked by it’s simple, yet addicting gameplay. Some play to eliminate the bubbles in the fastest time and some try to reaching high scores.

I’m always surprised to discover so many ways are made to play this fun game, but like the old phrase goes, you can’t argue with success.

The success of bubble shooter, lured clones to try and recreate the game’s success, and are widely available on many online sites, you can find animal bubble games, themed bubbles games and of course the perfect brand mix- Obama bubbles game, how cool is that?

Now you must ask yourself, where can I find those games?

Well, it’s very easy, just Google the keywords bubble shooter, bubble games or bubbles games, anyone of these words will allow you to enjoy many sites that supply the fun addicting game play equipped with many bubbles, it’s a world full of bubbles, so why not joining it?