Computer Games and Obesity in Children

There is no getting around it… Obesity is probably the biggest cause of early death and related illnesses in Westernised culture to date.

Our children are at the highest risk of developing illness in later life if they suffer from obesity. Life has never been this easy in my opinion as it is now. We complain about the simplest things because our way of living has spoilt us. Children will not develop a sense of responsibility, unless it is taught to them and how can we teach responsibility to children if we don’t even know what it is ourselves.

A real problem with child obesity is video gaming. As I have said a child who is not held responsible for their own actions will become quite unhappy as he/she becomes obese. Computer games offer an alternative reality for a short time and teach a child that it is okay to over indulge with food as a quick escape in a computer game can help them to forget. The weight will often pile on during this phase so it is important to find a way of helping the child to feel responsible and offer a solution to the problem.

One solution is to prohibit the use of computer games beyond a certain time range, during the day. Explain why you are doing this and encourage the child to take up sports as an alternative. If your child is to shy to participate in outdoor sports, you could try indoor activities. I particularly like the new full body workout computer games that are starting to appear. Instead of a controller for the gaming console you have use your full body to control the on screen characters. I tried one myself recently called the Kinect system and was sweating in a matter of minutes. I was struck by a thought that in the not to distant future this might reduce childhood obesity significantly…. But we’ll have to see if it takes off first!

We have become lazy, we think our problems are in the hands of the Authorities. If we become ill we take a pill, so no need to worry about it! If we put on weight it’s okay we can always lose it later. We have to understand that we are responsible for our own actions before it is to late!

Discover The Easy Way To Find iPhone Downloads – Movies, Music, Games and More!

With the iPhone quickly becoming the “must-have” cell phone out there, we are getting more and more emails from people wondering where they can find iPhone downloads. Being able to use movies, music, games and other types of media filesis what makes the iPhone such an amazing piece of technology, so we thought we would put together a quick article about where you can find iPhone downloads right on your computer.

You have two main options when it comes to finding iPhone downloads – let’s look at each one quickly:

Option #1 – Downloads for iPhone

The first option that many iPhone users will try is to try to find websites that offer “free” iPhone downloads. You can find a couple of websites like this, however there are a few things you need to know before you use them.

First off, the selection of downloads is usually pretty weak on these sites. You might have a few games or files to choose from but the selection is always somewhat limited.

Secondly, you have to be careful about picking up a virus on these types of websites. There have been a few shut down recently for this exact reason. Because they aren’t monitored whatsoever, you can’t be sure of what you are actually downloading.

Two other common complaints are that the download speeds are very slow and many of the files are “corrupt” which means that they don’t even end up working when you try to use them on your iPhone.

Obviously this option doesn’t get our recommendation because of the fact you put your computer at risk and these sites can cause a lot of headaches.

Option #2 – Downloads for iPhone

Since the launch of the iPhone created a big demand for iPhone downloads, a couple of smart entrepreneurs have built specialty website that cater to iPhone user and offer unlimited downloads.

These websites offer movies, music, TV shows, games, ebooks and more for download when you register as a member. You just have to sign-up and then you can login and download new files whenever you want.

The great about these sites is that they are built specifically for iPhone users and the businesses that run them make sure that all the files are safe, they all work and that the download speeds are fast. The selection is huge – you can find all the latest movies and music for download along with all sorts of games and other media files.

As I’m sure you have guessed, there is a fee to become a member to these types of websites, but it isn’t expensive. Usually it costs about $50 and this gets you a lifetime membership. You are only ever billed the one-time and can then login and download as many files as you want. For people who plan on owning the iPhone for a while, it’s a great value.

We included a link at the bottom of this article that you can use to find out how to start a free trial at a couple of the top-rated iPhone download websites.

The one thing that Apple has always done well is come out with “cool” products. The iPhone is a perfect example of this and it keeps picking up new fans every day. Once you start using iPhone downloads you really start to see how powerful of a phone it really is. We should give you one warning though – it’s extremely addictive! All the best!

Shooting Games and Army Games – An Overview

Thousands of children take interest in shooting games and army games and enjoy a fun time and adventure spirit during holidays or in free times. Majority of kids and adult people, who play these games remain totally normal and have never shown any deviation or effect of any violent behavior in private lives. Studies have found nothing against these games in the bringing up of a child. On the contrary, reports have passed opinions in favor of these games for children. These games make children understand problems and the desire to remain calm in difficulties and empower them to achieve the strength to fight the enemy. These games bring out the real man out of a child.

Shooting games and army games are really interesting with varieties of backgrounds and set ups. The male child has to engage his brain in a lot of thinking to come out of the troublesome situations. It definitely requires skill and the conception of making correct judgment in difficult conditions. There are several shooting games, which are completely absorbing and fascinating to kid players. For example, SAS Zombie Assault is a perfectly cool one and action packed shooting game, where you have to shoot down zombies. You can use a range of cool guns, and bombs, turrets for your survival. You play the game in your computer using arrows and make the aim and shoot with the click of the mouse.

In the game, Artillery Tower, you have to enact the role of the last soldier and defend the old defense tower by using several weapons to block the invasion. D Day Defender is a tactical game with a lot of skill in using deadly weapons and continues upgrading them to protect the Normandy beach. The new Charles 007 is a James Bond type shooting game as the special agent Prince Charles embarking on a fantastic Obama mission. You can choose any one from a wide range of free online shooting games Primary Assault, Effing Zombies, Hitstick 5, Agent Combat and Helicop.

Like wise there are myriad army games such as Strangers 3, which is an engaging wartime story amidst the hostile territory, Counter Force for shooting of enemies with a sniper rifle, Assault Day, Anti Terrorism 1, Omega Turret Defense, Counter Kill, Western Blitzkrieg 2, America Strikes Back, D Day Defender and many more. Shooting games and army games are preferred even by adults for the excitement and a technique to test skill.